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November 21, 2022 2024-02-19 13:29

Are you looking for a Route4me alternative?

SuiteFleet gives exclusive add-ons that will put an end to your Route4me alternative research.

What makes SuiteFleet the Route4me alternative?

Uncover what you get with SuiteFleet as a Route4me alternative
Features Route4me
Automated Planning
Sharing live tracking with customers
Driver Assignment based on driver availability
Real-time ETA calculation
Automated Dispatching
Digital Proof of Delivery
Data Privacy
End to end delivery optimization
Contactless pick up and delivery
Vehicle and Driver performance monitoring
Inventory status
Hardware agnostic platform
Performance metrics reports for customers
how we're different

Learn why SuiteFleet is the right choice as a Route4me alternative


Why does switching to SuiteFleet the right choice?

SuiteFleet has no upfront costs required. It has two-way SMS or WhatsApp for quick and easy scheduling, and special requests and enhances their experience with personalized support.


How can I track my insights?

SuiteFleet can let you get better insights into your business by scheduling analytical reports of the overall completion of deliveries. You can Allow your manager to view the rating given by the customer to the couriers.

Warehouse APP

Keep track of every shipment move from purchase to warehouse

A warehouse app like SuiteFleet scans packages to receive, ship and Sort. Also, it includes smart sorting that supports hub transfer and area of operations in the warehouse.


Geofence territorial based planning and assignments

SuiteFleet enables geocoding for accurate deliveries and sends out smart alerts for idling and delays, which guarantees customer satisfaction and reduces logistics costs.

Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts for any unusual incident

SuiteFleet sends real-time alerts based on predefined benchmarks if unexpected things happen like idling, speeding, disconnecting, or delivery failure.

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