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November 30, 2022 2024-02-19 11:59

Automate your Last Mile Delivery for Retail

Seamlessly manage the Multi-channel logistics of your Last Mile Delivery for Retail from end to end and fulfill your logistics operations with SuiteFleet.

Top features

How SuiteFleet can help Last Mile Delivery for Retail?

End to end delivery optimization​

SuiteFleet tracks vehicle performance, reduces fuel consumption, and saves money and time by preventing unnecessary vehicle repairs.​​

Daily Smart Dispatching​

Control your fleet by rescheduling stops to ensure on-time waste collection despite changing circumstances and rerouting vehicles to avoid weather or traffic inputs.​

Order Fullfilment​

Improve your order fulfillment by ensuring that eCommerce orders are divided evenly by order volume among your drivers, taking fleet capacity and time frame into account.​

Resource Utilization​

SuiteFleet will assist your Retail business in right-sizing your fleet depending on the optimal fleet usage, and it will manage maintenance costs.​

Analytical Performance Report​

View the overall completion of the success rate of deliveries, the number of orders in shift, and daily reports for performance.​

Customer Delivery Report​

Your customers are provided performance metrics reports of their packages including tracking updates and delivery confirmations.​

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Last Mile Delivery for Retail
operational costs reduction

Smart Geofencing

Geofence territorial-based planning

SuiteFleet enables geocoding for accurate deliveries and sends out smart alerts for idling and delays.

Real-time ETA calculation

Know the ETA of your deliveries

Know where your drivers are and monitor expected arrival times to each destination based on real-time data provided.

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