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NetSuite Planning and Dispatching Software

NetSuite Planning and Dispatching Software optimizes driver-route pairing for cost efficiency, operational effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

NetSuite Planning and Dispatching Software
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Order Consolidation

Orders are consolidated into one package, and then ship the order to the customer.

Order Fulfillment

Orders are divided evenly among drivers, taking fleet capacity and time into account.

Resources Utilization

Right-sizing your fleet depends on vehicle availability, location, and quantity.

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Enhance planning and dispatching productivity

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How can NetSuite Planning and Dispatching Software boost your efficiency?


Automated Dispatching

Maintain fleet control by rerouting vehicles to avoid unexpected conditions.
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Delivery sorting

Assigns cars to your workers. Gain access to the assignment audit trial at any moment easily.
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Automated Planning

Switch to completely automated route planning and dispatching solution.

Pick-up and Delivery

Having this feature improves customer satisfaction and brand loyalty score.
Boost your revenues

Maximize Planning & Dispatching Profits

Resource Utilization

Your fleets will be right-sized depending on vehicle availability, location, order number, and quantity.

End to end delivery optimization

Fuel consumption and vehicle management can be monitored by tracking vehicle performance.

Consignment Sorting​

Decrease reliance on humans as every package is automatically assigned to the most efficient delivery route and driver.​

Operational costs img in NetSuite Fleet Management Software blog
Operational costs img in NetSuite Fleet Management Software blog

Deliver on time

Effortlessly manage deliveries

Ensure agile and customer-centric delivery operations with intelligent dispatch scheduling software.

Why you should trust SuiteFleet?

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