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November 27, 2022 2024-02-21 12:00

Best experience of Last Mile Delivery for odoo

Connect your data, people, and technology on a single platform by controlling every step with full visibility through SuiteFleet and achieve the best experience of Last Mile Delivery for Odoo.

Last Mile Delivery for Odoo

How to start the Last Mile Delivery for odoo experience?

How it works?

Solve Your Delivery challenges With Our Dynamic API in 3 steps

1. Get your orders on odoo

It all begins with your clients placing orders online in your Shopify store. The eCommerce orders are then sent straight to SuiteFleet.

2. Fullfil delivery tasks on SuiteFleet

SuiteFleet can now determine the most optimized route for multiple orders. Your drivers will then get delivery routes via the SuiteFleet app.

3. Streamline your deliveries

You can track drivers follow the route and deliver orders on our map in real-time. The delivery statuses of your orders are automatically linked with your SuiteFleet app and odoo accounts.

Top Features

How Can SuiteFleet Streamline Your Deliveries?

route (1)

Automated Planning

Increase delivery success rate by switching to an automated route planning process

Smart Dispatching

Control your fleet by rescheduling stops to ensure efficient deliveries
packages (1)

Order Consolidation

Multiple orders are consolidated from multiple systems to SuiteFleet
cloud-computing (2)

Low code integration

Allow non-experts to build at scale and professionals from regular tasks

Performance Reports

Check analytical reports of your deliveries and fleets on odoo and SuiteFleet app

Customer Report

Customers get performance metrics report of their packages on SuiteFleet app

Works Offline​

Data is safely transferred to SuiteFleet & odoo when the connection is back
Rating and reviews

Rating and reviews

Guaranteeing that your clients get the best experience possible

Transcorp success story

How SuiteFleet increased Transcorp operational efficiency?

SuiteFleet helped Transcorp solve its end-to-end logistics problems and increase operational efficiencies.

Transcorp SuiteFleet Customer
Order Status
Double-way integration

Ready for a double-way odoo integration?

SuiteFleet API is a web service that allows developers and integrators to engage with SuiteFleet's data, real-time delivery management, and data analytics functions.

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