Last Mile Delivery for 3PL | Automating Logistics Operations

November 28, 2022 2024-02-19 13:31

Fulfill your Last Mile Delivery for 3PL

Connect Last Mile Delivery for 3PL from end to end and fulfill your logistics operations with our last-mile delivery software.

Top features

How SuiteFleet can help Last Mile Delivery for 3PL?

Resource Utilization​

SuiteFleet will assist your 3PL business in right-sizing your fleet depending on the optimal fleet usage, and it will manage maintenance costs.

End to end delivery optimization​

SuiteFleet tracks vehicle performance, reduces fuel consumption, and saves money and time by preventing unnecessary vehicle repairs.​​

Order fulfillment

Improve your 3PLs order fulfillment by ensuring that eCommerce orders are divided evenly by order volume among your drivers, taking fleet capacity and time frame into account.

Real-time Fleet Tracking

Track your 3PL operations including routes to progress in real-time, move an address from one route to another, and re-assign drivers.

Order Consolidation​

All items purchased are consolidated into one package and shipped to customers. Customers receive effective delivery while being environmentally friendly.​

Analytical Performance Report​

Get scheduled analytical reports including the overall completion of deliveries including the delivery success rate, and daily, weekly and monthly reports for performance.​

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Low Code Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce clients

You can integrate through APIs with ERPs, CRMs, or E-commerce platforms, yours or your customer’s through SuiteFleet.

Delivery Success rate

Reduce Failed & Missed Deliveries

SuiteFleet enables you to keep clients informed by providing their customers with a live order tracking page where they can monitor their delivery statuses.

Last Mile Delivery for 3PL

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