Last Mile Delivery for E-commerce | Automating Logistics Operations

November 28, 2022 2024-02-21 9:11

Automate your Last Mile Delivery for E-commerce

Connect your Last Mile Delivery for e-commerce from end to end and fulfill your logistics operations with our optimal fleet management software.

Top features

How SuiteFleet can boost Last Mile Delivery for e-commerce?

White Label Tracking

Customers get real-time updates on their shipment status. You can now spend fewer hours assisting customers and more time expanding your company.

Rating and reviews​

Customer feedback will teach you how to enhance your e-commerce company's weak spots and who is recommending you.​

Order Fullfilment​

Improve your order fulfillment by ensuring that eCommerce orders are divided evenly by order volume among your drivers, taking fleet capacity and time frame into account.​

Real-time Fleet Tracking

Track your logistics operations including routes to progress in real-time, move addresses from one route to another, and re-assign drivers.​

2-way SMS for customers needs​

Connect with your customers via two-way SMS or WhatsApp for easy scheduling to manage cancellations, or rescheduling needs.​

Customer Delivery Report​

Your customers are provided performance metrics reports of their packages including tracking updates and delivery confirmations.​

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Last Mile Delivery for E-commerce
Delivery management system screenshot

Smart Sorting

Smart sort your parcels for efficient deliveries

Automate the package sorting process by scanning packages to receive, ship and Sort. SuiteFleet can help in smart sorting that supports hub transfer and operations in the warehouse.

Delivery Success rate

Reduce late & missed Deliveries

SuiteFleet enables you to keep clients informed by providing their customers with a live order tracking page where they can monitor their delivery statuses.

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