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November 22, 2022 2024-02-19 13:34

Searching for Fareye alternative?

Stop your Fareye alternative research, explore SuiteFleet and start your last-mile delivery journey with low code integration and user friendly software.

What makes SuiteFleet a Fareye alternative?

Check out what you get with SuiteFleet as an Fareye alternative
Features Fareye
Automated Planning & Dispatching
Real-time ETA calculation
Driver and Warehouse app
Vehicle In or out of coverage (Data is protected for the completed operations)
Speeding, disconnecting, idling alerts
Low code integration
Expenses managemet
Inventory status
Drag and drop scheduler (watch drivers and vehicles' availability through the month)
Delivery sorting
Historical data of previous planning patches using AI
Order Consolidation
Customer Delivery Report
Hardware Agnostic Platform
how we're different

Learn why SuiteFleet is the right choice as a Fareye alternative


Why does switching to SuiteFleet the right choice?

SuiteFleet has no upfront costs required. It has two-way SMS or WhatsApp for quick and easy scheduling, and special requests and enhances their experience with personalized support.


How can I track my insights?

SuiteFleet can let you get better insights into your business by scheduling analytical reports of the overall completion of deliveries. You can Allow your manager to view the rating given by the customer to the couriers.

Low code integration

Hassle-free code integration

SuiteFleet is a low-code platform that allows non-experts to build at scale while also freeing professionals from regular tasks. You will not face integration stuck with SuiteFleet

Expenses Management

Manage your expenses and recipients

Reduce manual intervention by your workers and the time it takes to process reports. SuiteFleet may help you save a significant amount of time and money while keeping your staff productive and pleased.

Hardware agnostic platform

Hardware agnostic platform can help you in orders management

SuiteFleet works with more than 2000 GPS and tracking hardware for any types of vehicles.

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