Best Datatrac Alternative to optimize your delivery operations

November 23, 2022 2024-02-19 12:54

Best Datatrac alternative you should consider

Check out the comparison between Datatrac and “SuiteFleet” to know the extra features of a unified planning & dispatching platform.

Why choose SuiteFleet as a Datatrac alternative?

Check the top features comparison between the two solutions

Features Datatrac
Automated Dispatching
Real-time Fleet and Vehicle tracking
Driver and Warehouse app
White-label Tracking
Digital POD
Delivery Sorting
Automated Planning
Speeding, disconnecting, idling alerts
Hardware agnostic platform
Inventory status
Data Privacy
Delivery Sorting
Performance metrics reports for customers
Historical data of previous planning patches
In or Out of Coverage (data is secured)
Consignment Sorting

Is SuiteFleet a good fit for my company?

Our route planning and dispatching software is suitable for a wide range of businesses, including utilities, home-delivery services, field services, and others. Businesses of all sizes can use it. So, whether you plan for one vehicle or a thousand, SuiteFleet can help you save money, and time and boost efficiency from the start.


How and when do I measure progress with SuiteFleet?

In terms of progress measurement, SuiteFleet will lead you through the stages that reflect progress and the plan for providing an expected timeline

Automated route planning

Switch to unified automated route planning and dispatching solution

Achieve resource utilization by automatically assigning drivers on orders by planning Criteria settings including capacity weight, volume, number of orders, and stops. 

Consignment Sorting

Consignment sorting can maximize your efficiency

Consignment sorting can be assisted using SuiteFleet, which decreases reliance on humans and mistakes as every package is automatically assigned to the most efficient delivery route and driver.

Speeding, disconnecting, idling alerts

Real-time alerts for any unusual incident

SuiteFleet sends real-time alerts based on predefined benchmarks if unexpected things happen like idling, speeding, disconnecting, or delivery failure.

Route Optimization that boosts sales!

Accelerate your Growth, See better, and Operate smarter.