Fleet and Delivery built for NetSuite

One solution to manage your Fleet-NetSuite workflows

Gain the benefits of real-time integration between NetSuite and your SuiteFleet. Synchronize order data, fulfillment, and tracking info. Synchronize inventory adjustments. Get email alerts for fleet, orders, proof of delivery in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

To assist in your ongoing success, SuiteFleet provides the following support services to our customers:

  • Flexible support options – web, email, phone, and WhatsApp chat.
  • Standard support during standard business hours, and premium support can be customized.
  • A skilled, well trained team of Tier 1 and 2 support professionals.
  • The ability to submit an unlimited number of support tickets, at no additional cost.

Yes, we can! SuiteFleet uses open, standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide automation of the application. APIs are commonly used by developers to integrate capabilities into new web-based applications and existing business management systems. So we can connect SuiteFleet to other ERPs than NetSuite.

SuiteFleet is Software as a Servicce. You are able to manage the application without having to manage the physical servers or the software. You access the application with a web browser, and our team maintains all of the software, server, and security of your application.

Many customizations that require massive changes to databases can be limited. However, certain customizations require the addition of user-defined fields or user interface changes can be managed by our delivery team.

You are billed based on:

  • Subscription fee – SuiteFleet charges an annual subscription fee based on your edition. This fee also includes updates and upgrades, hosting costs and additional SaaS benefits such as built-in automated disaster recovery backup with a seven-day retention period.
  • Professional Services – This includes the implementation fees, support fees, any enhancement, or any services from our professionals’ consultants.

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Since getting SuiteFleet, Our customers have improved their global operations, got back the control of their delivery performance and found ways to cut on their fleet costs.

Connect your NetSuite with SuiteFleet and improve your Delivery operations