The easy Fleet and delivery
management for NetSuite.

What We Have Here for You

We manage complex delivery and with Oracle NetSuite so you can manage every aspect of your field operations, from one single system.

Planning and dispatching

Plan and dispatch deliverables for multiple warehouses and production sites or numerous distribution operations.

Route Planner

Finds the best multi-stop route for deliveries, pickups and services saves a lot of time and fuel, lowering costs and emissions

Drivers Mobile App

Drivers can easily automate pickup and delivery detection based on geofencing and electronic proof of delivery.

NetSuite Integration

Synchronize the required data to NetSuite such as Customers data, Merchants data Tasks, Orders, Drivers, Consignee data

Hub Returns Manager

Improve visibility of returns and failed deliveries, and Provide an audit trail and increase the visibility of returned items.

Great User Experience

Easily create, integrate, send, automate, and analyze your delivery tasks. Meaning, you get to focus on what matters.

Route Planner

SuiteFleet Route Planner finds the best multi-stop route for deliveries, pickups and services. Our smart algorithm sorts addresses to minimize the overall duration of the route.

The optimal route to your destinations saves a lot of time and fuel, lowering costs and emissions.
You’ll make faster deliveries, pickups or services, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Drivers will get routes that make sense.

Plug’n’play with NetSuite

Import your merchants data, delivery tasks and orders, from NetSuite into SuiteFlleet with one click, no code required. After that, you can automate sending delivery tasks to numerous distribution operations.

returns & failed deliveries

When a customer decides he wants to return all or part of an order, you need to update your NetSuite system fast to keep track of successful pick-ups, failed deliveries and unplanned parcel returns. The whole returns management process is streamlined, and visibility of your inventory improved.

Connect your NetSuite with SuiteFleet and improve your Delivery operations